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In , the same site was criticised for posting fake images of posts allegedly written by Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza before he committed the massacre.

iPhone users fall for 4Chan prank claiming microwaves can charge phones | Daily Mail Online

Previous destruction tests comparing the Apple iPhone 5 with Samsung Galaxy S4 through different torture methods including immersing it in an aquarium filled with water showed the iPhone stopped working after 25 minutes, while Samsung lasted 2 hours, 20 minutes before it conked out. Jump to Navigation. Business Companies. By Vittorio Hernandez vitthernandez on September 25 3: Screen grab from The Telegraph The poster reads: Among the response of angry iPhone owners who believed the fake advert are these two tweets: Wallace PatWallace February 15, For another interesting implication of Unix time, check out the Year Problem.

An unfortunate design flaw, the tendency of the iPhone 6 to bend in tight pockets or under stress was well-known during its time.

STUPIDITY ALERT: IOS 7 Waterproof Hoax

This garnered plenty of humorous reactions on Twitter Trolling Apple: Read More , and most people knew to avoid placing their phones in tight positions. Or the pig who rescued a goat? They were both hoaxes; here's a few more.

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Read More in years past. By observing what has happened before, we can be better prepared for the future and the hoaxes that may arise in years to come.

Interested in uncovering more truth? Let's examine the truth behind some of the big film myths debunked by Snopes. We hope the answer is no, but do you know anyone who fell for one of these hoaxes?

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Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Running out of material for articles? This article is a verbatim copy of one published couple of weeks ago.

Turns out, submerging your iPhone in water isn’t a good idea.

I definitely didn't copy anything to write this, so would you care to point out the piece in question? Your article is eerily similar to https: Ah, so it is.

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I never saw that article before publishing this, though. In fact, I hashed out the idea with my editor on October 9th.

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  • iPhone users fall for 4Chan prank claiming microwaves can charge phones | Daily Mail Online.
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IOS 7 iPhone 5s fake ad fools Apple users into breaking their handsets by dunking them in water

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