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Use Touch ID on iPhone and iPad

So, instead of deciphering between five different fingerprints, it will have a better grasp of your main finger most likely your thumbprint and open more accurately and consistently. This is a very simple trick, but has been reported to work very well.

why your iphone might be getting the "Touch ID Failed" error

If you did go ahead and store multiple fingers, you can easily identify each one by scanning it in Touch ID Settings. When scanning a particular finger, the matching print will briefly be highlighted in the list. That way, if something goes wrong, you know which one needs to be updated.

Set up Touch ID

When unsuccessfully trying to unlock your iPhone with Touch ID, you'll get a passcode prompt after three incorrect tries. But you should know that you actually have two more tries before being asked to try your passcode. Like Siri, Touch ID is supposed to get better with time, but if you want a quicker improvement, make sure to have your finger cover as much of the Home button as possible. This helps improve the sensors accuracy, and make sure that it's ready your full print.

iPhone 5S biometric fingerprint sensor confirmed by iOS 7 leak - ExtremeTech

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Apple Just Released iOS No longer will friends and family be able to pick up and peruse your phone — no longer will you have to key in your passcode every time you want to do something! There are ways of providing fast and accurate fingerprint reading, but whether these will scale down to the size and relatively low price of a smartphone remains to be seen.

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Despite this telltale leak from iOS 7 beta 4, I am still a little bit cynical about whether the iPhone 5S will actually receive a fingerprint reader. This is a brand-new, stand-out feature that you would expect to see on the iPhone 6 — not the iPhone 5S, which should just be a spec-bump.

Having said that, Apple has been losing ground to Android — in both features and market share — so maybe Apple will surprise us all with a very exciting iPhone 5S indeed. Now read: Berkeley researchers replace passwords with passthoughts by reading your mind. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

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