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The edge to edge LCD screen has been achieved rounding its corners and using a liquid retina display similar to that found in the iPhone XR. Apple has managed to create an inch display, while keeping the chassis-size of the previous The Hz display now comes with Face ID for unlocking too. It will effortlessly handle hundreds of high-res Photoshop layers with no lag.

The The obliteration of the bezels of old, while keeping the screen-size at Internally, it comes rocking the same upgraded tech as the inch model mentioned above - it's an absolute powerhouse for creatives. A bigger screen makes it even better for seeing your work and the new USB-C connection makes it ideal to connect modern external displays. The new iPad Pros can even support 5K displays. This is great news, as it's considerably cheaper, well for an iPad Pro at least.


This This iPad Pro model use an A10X processor, the older 9. The A10X is a faster processor than the older model although the performance boost isn't huge to be honest. The rear camera gets a modest megapixel boost and the front camera gets a bigger upgrade for a much clearer FaceTime experience.

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The iPad Pro screens now benefit from smaller bezels and an improved display - although the updates blow it out of the water now with even thinner bezels. The iPad Pro 9.

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This model originally arrived in instead of an iPad Air 3 and still offers more than enough power and quality for someone thinking of stepping up to the Pro level of iPad, with the Pencil and Smart Keyboard on offer. That's great news for anyone who wanted pro features at a cheaper price, as it's the least costly of all the iPad Pro models around right now.

However , you'll really struggle to find a new model nowadays, as most of the prices we see are for used or refurbished models. We're starting to really roll back the years now, all the way back to the original release date for this version of the Stunning at the time, but certainly feeling its age a little nowadays.

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It's certainly a hell of a lot cheaper than any of the newer iterations though, but you'll have to settle for a used or refurbished unit from most stores nowadays as new models are incredibly rare seeing stock was sold off ages ago. We'd seriously recommend paying more for one of the newer models from onwards though really for reliability and peace of mind.

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Unless you see a particularly cheap iPad Air 2 deal in our comparison chart below, you're much better off with one of the newer 9. Prices on most iPad Air 2 deals we see nowadays are for used and refurbished models. When we do see new units, they end up costing more than modern 9. The combination of power, better screen, improved design and upgraded OS made the iPad Air 2 a compelling device at the time for sure though. It's still impressive to hold the iPad Air - even though it's now the thicker option compare to the iPad above. From the clever construction to the fast processor to the improved user interface, this iPad may be a ancient in technical terms now, but it will always have a place in our hearts.

The prices below are almost certainly going to be for used or refurbished units, but you could get something of a steal if a retailer just wants rid of the stock. Otherwise, weigh the price up with the newer models towards the top of this page and see what's the best value option for you.

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The iPad mini 4 is widely regarded as one of the the best 7-inch tablets ever made. Apple is still making it too - although we'd certainly appreciate an upgrade if Apple ever gets around to it. It may look the same as the mini 3, but it's been slimmed down from 7. This is one of the best prices for an iPad and comes highly recommended.

So, where can you buy it? Walmart, for a start, but expect others to join the fray. Where from?

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The littlest iPad; Apple iPad mini 4. Best Buy. Amazon Fire 7 Tablets Amazon. Amazon Fire HD 8 in all four colors. Apple Fire HD 10 in black, red or blue Amazon. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition in unmissable yellow. The Kids edition is the same basic hardware but comes with extra software deals, impeccable parental controls, a kid-proof case and a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee.

No questions asked. How much? Available now.

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The Kids Edition… well, you get the picture, the same benefits as apply to the other Kids versions. The Nook Nook's ebook readers are great, and rather underrated.

The 6-inch screen is sharp, it looks and feels good and it has physical page turn buttons, which many people like.